Canadian duo following in the footsteps of the Search Fund Mafia
CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Financial Post – Feb. 24th, 2017) – The development of the first Search Fund in Western Canada by Carlos Meza and Jeff Blacklock. 

Top Excuses Owners Use to Avoid Exit
CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Divestopedia – Feb. 27th, 2017) – Believe it or not, every owner will one day leave their business – Voluntarily or involuntarily. Read about the four main excuses owners use to justify delaying exit planning. 

Deal Structure Through the Eyes of an Acquirer
CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Divestopedia – Oct. 5th, 2016) – Sellers tend to have no idea how a buyer has financed an acquisition, but a closer look inside can show a business owner what it takes to complete a deal. 

Business-Transition Tsunami coming for Aging Baby Boomers
CALGARY, ALBERTA–(Globe and Mail – Mar. 3rd, 2017) – Being in the right place at the right time seemed to work well for Ms. Swain when looking for buyers to acquire her company. But having the transition take 5 years makes you wonder if you should start thinking about exit planning now.